Top 10 Class Action Lawsuits – December 2015

 Class Action Lawsuits

  1. Fake Black Friday Sales – Plaintiffs contend that California residents may qualify for a free class action lawsuit investigation if you purchased a sale item at Best Buy, Kohl’s, Target and/or Tiger Direct during a Black Friday sale. Join the class action lawsuit here.
  2. MAC Cosmetics – The lawsuit alleges that MAC employees asked for ZIP code information from MA residents under the pretense that it was necessary to complete credit card transactions, when it was used to identify customer’s addresses using commercially available databases. Submit your claim here.
  3. Fire Insurance Exchange – Plaintiffs allege that Fire Insurance Exchange improperly took excess depreciation in determining actual cash value, which resulted in the underpayment of some property loss or damage claims. Submit your claim here.
  4. Earth Friendly – The lawsuit alleges that the defendants made advertising claims indicating that their products were all natural when in fact some contained methylisothiazolinone (MIT) which is a powerful allergen and skin irritant. Submit your claim here.
  5. Volkswagen Diesel – Allegations have been made against Volkswagen of America claiming the company used “defeat devices” in their diesel engine vehicles 2009-2015 to cheat on emissions testing. Submit your claim here.
  6. Zara FACTA – The lawsuit alleges that Zara violated federal law by printing more than the last four digits of credit card account numbers on receipts it provided to customers. Submit claim here.
  7. Electrolux Ice Maker – The ice maker class action lawsuit accused Frigidaire of acting deceptively in designing, manufacturing, selling and servicing “French Door” refrigerators with a certain type of ice maker. The plaintiffs allege that the Electrolux ice maker is defective. Submit your claim here.
  8. Rite Aid Records – The lawsuit alleges that an allegedly arbitrary “flat-fee” price to get a printed copy of their records. Lasseter claims he was charged $50 for a one-page document that included his pharmaceutical history. Likewise, Osborne states she was charged $85 for a single-page pharmacy record document. The “fixed fee” charges are in no way rational to the actual cost of Rite Aid processing a request for records. Lasseter and Osborne further claim that Rite Aid violated federal law for charging a flat fee. Submit your claim here.
  9. Public Storage – Allegations have been made against Public Storage that they deceived its Florida tenants by representing it would send the premiums collected through the sale of self-storage insurance to an independent insurance company, but they actually retained more than 75% of the premiums. Submit your claim here.
  10. HomeServe – The plaintiffs allege that HomeServe marketed, promoted and sold the Service Plans without disclosing that New Jersey residents were excluded from coverage. Submit your claim here.