1. THE BODY SHOP – The Action alleges that Defendant willfully and intentionally violated the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act.FACTA requires that all but the last five digits of a consumer’s credit or debit card numbers be deleted from credit or debit card receipts presented to customers at the point of sale. Submit your claim here.
  2. AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS – Plaintiffs claim AEO violated the TCPA by sending text messages to cellular telephones between April 8, 2010 and January 24, 2017, through the use of an automatic telephone dialing system without prior express consent or where any such consent had been revoked. Submit your claim here.
  3. BELFORD HIGH SCHOOL – For years, websites at and held out Belford High School as a legitimate, accredited high school. In 2012, a judgment was entered finding that Belford High School was a fraud, that it is not a real school, was never accredited and never had authority to issue high school diplomas. As a result of Plaintiffs’ lawsuit, Belford High School admitted that it has no administrators and never had any, that its supposed accrediting agencies were fake, that it has no employees and never had any, and that the names of faculty and administrators that appear on the diplomas it sold to thousands of persons around the United States were fake. This Judgment found that U.S. residents who purchased Belford High School diplomas are entitled to damages related to the amount paid for their fake diploma. Submit your claim here.
  4. STINGRAY PRESSURE PUMPING – The claims in this case were brought by a former Stingray employee who alleges that he was entitled under federal and Ohio law to unpaid overtime compensation for those weeks in which he worked more than 40 hours. He also alleges that Stingray was required to keep records of his hours worked but failed to do so. Ten other former Stingray employees have joined the case to date. Submit your claim here.
  5. SUPERAMERICA – The lawsuit alleges that SuperAmerica violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”), by sending unsolicited text messages. Specifically, the lawsuit claims that SuperAmerica sent or transmitted, or had sent or transmitted on their behalf, text message advertisements to wireless telephone numbers using a computerized automatic telephone dialing system as defined by the TCPA that stores telephone numbers from a database, or dials random or sequential numbers. Submit your claim here.
  6. HYLAND’S HOMEOPATHIC – The lawsuit alleges that Hyland’s made false and misleading statements about the effectiveness of the Class Products, in violation of state and federal law. Submit claim here.
  7. CALIBER HOME LOANS – The lawsuit claims that, on or after July 9, 2011, Caliber violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) by making calls to cellular telephones through the use of an automatic telephone dialing system or an artificial or prerecorded voice. Submit your claim here.
  8. HYDROXYCUT SUPPLEMENTS – On July 20, 2012, one of the Plaintiffs filed a legal action on behalf of himself and all others similarly situated alleging that he relied on allegedly false and misleading statements on labeling and in advertisements regarding the effectiveness of Hydroxycut, and that such statements violate state consumer protections laws. Submit your claim here.
  9. SONY VAIO NOTEBOOK – The lawsuit alleges that Sony sold certain series of VAIO Laptops with a defectively designed touchpad (also known as trackpad) component. Sony denies each and every one of the allegations of unlawful conduct, any wrongdoing, and any liability whatsoever, and no court or other entity has made any judgment or other determination of any liability. Submit your claim here.
  10. KOMBUCHA WHOLE FOOD – The lawsuit also alleges that Whole Foods violated the law by reselling the GT’s kombucha products allegedly mislabeled by Millennium by making false claims regarding antioxidants, sugar content and alcohol content. Submit your claim here.